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Surplus and secondary market telecom equipment brands that Telecom Surplus Resources provides to our customers:
Telecommunication Equipment, Telecom Equipment

Telecommunication Equipment

Outside Plant Equipment

Telecommunication Equipment, telecom equipmentTelecommunication Equipment, - Telecom Surplus Resources carries a wide variety of new surplus and used telecommunication equipment including outside plant equipment such as OSP cabinets, concrete shelters and telecommunication buildings, cellular towers, monopoles and self supporting towers, outside plant fiber optic cable for direct bury or aerial applications, used diesel and natural gas generators, power systems, batteries and rectifiers to run all these systems. Whether your company is building a new fiber optic cable ring, completing a fiber-to-the-home project, expanding a wireless network or updating your existing telecom infrastructure, Telecom Surplus Resources will help you find the right telecommunication equipment to complete your project.

Telecommunication Equipment

Central Office & Transmission Equipment

Telecommunication Equipment, Telecom Equipment New and Used Telecom Surplus Resources owns and brokers all types of Telecommunication Equipment, like central office switch cards and transmission electronics including brands such as: Adtran, AFC, Calix, Cisco, Fujitsu, Lucent, Next Level, Nortel, Occam and Westel. If you need replacement cards for your central office or transport equipment call Telecom Surplus Resources to check our inventory of Telecommunication Equipment.



Telecom Surplus Resources provides a wide range of Telecommunication Equipment. We specialize in high quality new surplus, used, decommissioned and secondary market telecommunication equipment to our customers at competitive prices. TSR works with independent telephone companies, as well as incumbent and competitive telecommunication service providers to make the best use of their assets.

By upgrading to new or used telecommunication equipment, providing new parts or helping dispose of decommissioned telecom equipment, TSR offers a variety of cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our company deals in a wide variety of central office, transmission and outside plant equipment including: cabinets, shelters, fiber optic cable, wireless towers, power sources, switches, etc. Whatever your telecommunication equipment needs, Telecom Surplus Resources will help you find the right solution.


Our Philosophy

Telecom Surplus Resources focuses on supreme customer services to our clients with the attitude of always searching for the right solution to the problem. Our knowledge of the industry and the secondary telecom equipment market along with our connections with other brokers and large asset owners allow Telecom Surplus Resources to have a consistent inventory of products available for our customers. In short, we want to be your single new or refurbished telecommunication equipment resource.